If you receive something free of charge, this just means the bill will come later

Good purchasing practices provide better margins and a better chance of success in sales. The speed and efficiency with which QuoJob handles price inquiries to suppliers never ceases to amaze friend and foe alike. Fine-tuned checklists are used to draw up price inquiries in a technically correct and complete manner. Suppliers (e.g. printing businesses) are selected by means of a number of criteria (such as press format, finish capacity, digital...); this way QuoJob only provides you with those suppliers that qualify for this specific work. It goes without saying that it is also possible for you to provide several variations on the basic inquiry. This way you can e-mail a document with a professional appearance to the various suppliers in no time.

After all, QuoJob can e-mail every created document directly from the job, without intervention of a separate e-mail application and with perfect logging of mail communications, so a real outbox. After input of the received price information you will get a very useful overview of prices, grouped per variation and with the most competitive price on top. Ticking off the selected offer automatically results in an official order and the supplier can get to work. Of course, the prices of your suppliers can also be produced in the offer to the client, and when the supplier's invoice arrives you can very quickly check whether they stuck to the price offer made.