Dirk Deroo, information scientist and Vlerick graduate, founded Dataline Solutions in November 1997. As an Apple evangeliser active in the segment of the graphic communications industry, he accepted the challenge to professionalise this industry in the field of administrative, logistic and commercial management. He helped a number of companies to achieve the much desired ISO certificate thanks to a management software package of his own design. After that, it was easy to take the step towards starting a company of his own to accommodate these information science activities.

The first application that was developed was Veda, perfectly suited for family and SME printing businesses. Vegrab also supported Veda, which guided small, unstructured printing businesses into the 21st century.

Based on the knowledge from previous projects and the knowledge of professionals recruited from the advertising industry the company developed CreaMed for advertising agencies and communication companies.

As printing businesses regularly contacted Dataline Solutions with requests that were not within the possibilities of Veda, MultiPress was developed. The powerful interface, superior database structure and modular concept were very positively received!

Throughout the years Veda was fully integrated in MultiPress. CreaMed's successor became the standard software package for advertising and communication companies in no time: QuoJob. QuoJob integrates commercial, financial and logistic business processes together with production and management in one powerful web-based system for advertising agencies, communication companies and communication & marketing divisions of production companies.


Dataline Solutions is developing, commercialising and implementing projects throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. With over 2000 users we are market leader in the segment of the graphic communications industry.  In September 2010 the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by the Belgian Certification Centre for the 4th year in a row.

And tomorrow?

Professional automation of the business organisation remains a key point of attention for SMEs.

After all, a streamlined organisation means optimum workflow management combined with quick and correct handling of the daily administrative tasks. This results in higher profitability, more time for core activities, better service and higher customer satisfaction.