Planner synchronisation and CaIDAV

Are you wedded to your current digital planner?  Do not let this keep you from using the shared QuoJob planner. It is possible to provide two-way synchronisation with iCall and Outlook.  As a result, any appointment in QuoJob is also included in your planner, and if you schedule an appointment in iCall or Outlook, this is also visible in the QuoJob planner. A job meeting? This meeting is linked to the job in question; the duration is registered after the meeting; and QuoJob deducts the time spent at the meeting from your capacity.  All the more reason to start using the QuoJob planner.

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QuoJob in your pocket

QuoJob on your Smartphone?  Yes we can!  The QuoJob app is now available in the Apple and Google Play store.  This application provides a number of vital QuoJob functions on your smartphone: access to planner and to do management, the full contact database and last but not least the time registration option.  As all data are actually loaded onto your smartphone, it is possible to work with QuoJob data offline.  All of this on top of the advantages of a smartphone: calling directly, emailing and navigating from QuoJob data. This has turned the QuoJob app into an essential tool for the QuoJob user on the field.

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Mobile QuoJob