Drawing up media plans, managing possible providers and launching your campaigns at the right moments? That takes a great deal of time. Not to mention drawing up additional cost and production plans. You do not always have the time or manpower to do this, have you? Fortunately you can count on QuoJob’s media module. This module defines all media titles are creates price tables so as to generate an exact cost plan of the media selected. Placements are the building blocks of a media plan and are also used to send a media order to the diverse publishers. Both for your customers and for your suppliers. In case of urgent placements you can even forward your order to the right media company directly from the technical layout.

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Preparing media plans, managing the potential providers and launching your campaigns at the right times? It takes a lot of time to do it right. Not to mention the monitoring of the associated costs and production planning. QuoJob integrates with Media Specs, the multi-criteria search engine for all advertising opportunities in Belgium and Luxembourg.