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In an advertising agency, everyone loses time once in a while looking for documents, files or... keys. We’re all human, after all. This may also happen in QuoJob. If optimally used, QuoJob contains all your contact details, quotations, briefings and registrations as well as all information about your customers and suppliers. Quogle has been developed to prevent you from needlessly losing time while searching for certain words in your database

Quogle: if you look, you will find

Enter a search term, select the QuoJob sections in which you want to search and you will get a list of hits in no time. Nothing is as handy as this search engine, and nothing will save you as much time. 



Each one of your employees can use QuoJob in their mother tongue. Draw up quotations and invoices and automatically translate them into the language of your choice.


Folder management

Do your employees manage all graphic files on a server by means of a consistent folder structure? This module ensures that QuoJob automatically creates a folder structure for each new project.

What does it do?
Folders and subfolders are created on your server by means of a JDF or XML file.

• No risk of errors or mix-ups
• Consistent naming system

Beheer van mappen

Human Resources Professional

The extensive Human Resources Professional module keeps track of important information such as employment contract per employee, start date, trial period, notice period, parental leave, remuneration and work arrangements,...

What does it do?

  • Management of all contract details per employee
  • Management of CVs, studies and specialisations, etc...
  • Management of equipment (computer, mobile phone, car, etc.)
  • Management of leave (illness and time off)


  • Central and uniform management of professional HR data
  • High level of security for confidential information
  • Use of hourly rates in reports with operational profitability factors

New Business Development

This tool enables you to assess marketing and pitches but also to carry out internal analyses of customers and competitors. This marketing and sales module also allows you to manage potential sales and carry out regular assignments and analyses of New Business actions.


  • More efficient follow-up of New Business actions
  • Faster assessment of marketing actions
Business development

QuoJob Mobile

QuoJob in your pocket

Unrestricted mobility with QuoJob Mobile. You can import, edit or add contacts easily. You will never again forget the things you need to do. Timesheets can be consulted and adjusted quickly and easily. Who does not want to have their entire business close at hand all the time?

Sometimes dreams come true. QuoJob Mobile is the ideal smart solution for anyone who has many external appointments. iPhone or Android... unrestricted mobility for your company. More time for real business!

Mobiele versie van QuoJob

Other optional modules

Most functionalities described below are by default included in QuoJob, but if you want to use them more thoroughly, the modules in question can deliver considerable added value in terms of level of automation and efficiency.

Customer- and industry-specific price lists

Individual price list management with automatic generation of discounts and surcharges


Adopting working methods and follow-up strategies used by telemarketing agencies

"Recurrent activities"

Do not waste time on contracts that need to be invoiced on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis (such as hosting and service)

Gantt Chart visualisation of project management

Milestone and task management, capacity and resource management as well as project plans as a graphical representation and timing as a PDF


Assignments as well as cost, advertising and distribution plans (for print, online, radio and TV)

Cash book

Module to manage cash payments and to register cash transactions

Automated generation of invoice payment follow-up, including reminders


JDF Document management

Creation of structured client folders, job folders and sub folders on your server. QuoJob Accounting link (export from QuoJob to your accounting package)


This module enables you to automate communication with your printing business, directly place price requests in the MultiPress calculation software and automatically load the MultiPress quotations into QuoJob

Data export 

Export of data to all major spreadsheet programs

SMS messaging

Texting relationship data to your colleagues or informing contacts of their tasks or appointments by SMS

Telephony module

Interface between QuoJob and your VoIP telephone exchange

QuoJob Logi Info

Extensive controlling, dashboarding and reporting

Multi-Company (price per company)

This module helps you manage multiple mutually independent companies that are distinct under tax law


Module to forward outgoing payment orders to your banking institution. Supporting communication protocols include ClieOp and SEPA


Settling commissions automatically

Currency module

Managing currencies other than the €

Invoice payment import

Transferring ticked-off invoice payments from your accounting package into QuoJob for a clear overview of which invoices have been paid and which have not.


Linking email messages containing attachments to projects and relationships. The user has a folder structure of their own

Overige modules