Why opt for Dataline Solutions?

Dataline Solutions has been one of the major players in the field of administrative software in the graphic communications industry for more than 10 years. MultiPress is the most commonly used software package for printing business in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. QuoJob is the standard in the communications industry.


Our main assets:

Modular software For any budget. The modular nature of the software enables you to compose your own package in accordance with your needs, desires and budget.

Personal service & support Personal customer service occupies centre stage with us. For each client one project supervisor is appointed who will manage the entire file. Thanks to their optimum knowledge of the client he or she can quickly react to requests/wishes and formulate practical suggestions for use.  The help desk - both for technical questions and for questions as to content - is continuously staffed. In addition, the software itself features directly available online help.

Financial Our projects are paid on a monthly or quarterly basis at your request. Flexibility all the way around!

Mac or Windows Both MultiPress and QuoJob are Apple and Windows compatible.

Accredited training provider Users of our software enjoy a 35% to 50% subsidy on Dataline Solutions training courses. We guarantee a knowledge level of 100% and organise free refresher courses for those who have not mastered the subject matter taught.