Calculation and quotations

The stats are clear.  For 90% of all orders, a quotation is calculated beforehand. It goes without saying that the calculation of a quotation needs to be accurate, simple and fast. And faster than QuoJob is impossible, always with respect for the corporate identity of your company. Create calculations with customer-specific prices, secondary campaigns and subjects and QuoJob will automatically draw up appealing quotations, showing the elements you wish to visualise (numbers, unit prices, subtotals, total prices, etc.).

A typical campaign quickly includes online, print, web and design components, which can then be merged into one large quotation during negotiations. The basis of a quotation is a smart calculation in which a desired selling price and the exact cost price are calculated in a simple manner to have real-time insight into the anticipated margin. The cost of subcontractor services is also included in the calculation on the basis of the supplier quotation. In the initial stages, you only wish to estimate the costs instead of drawing up a quotation. Luckily for you, this is also one of the many standard sales-enhancing features of QuoJob.


  • Drawing up good and appealing quotations fast 
  • Working with calculation templates for extremely fast personalised, detailed and comprehensive quotations
  • Having many layout possibilities (from pitch to the negotiation phase) 
  • Working with different layouts 
  • Merging different calculations into one transparent collective quotation
  • Copying a quotation from another job as starting point for a new quotation 
  • Providing optional services in a quotation 
  • Upselling is easy! 
  • Keeping an overview of all ongoing quotations 
  • Being in a better negotiation position thanks to good understanding of costs and selling price
Calculation and quotations