VOUS agency was the big winner at the Media Awards 2014, organised by RTL and Maison Moderne. The Luxembourg-based company is well known for its numerous Mercedes-Benz, Poll-Fabaire, BNP Paribas and Leaseplan campaigns. In 2014, the company started looking for software able to provide in-depth analysis and reporting, automate the entire administrative workflow and centralise all information. QuoJob Business Software did the job!

When Vous wanted to replace Word and Excel in 2014, two important criteria were the possibility to enter a media plan quickly and efficiently and the ability to rely on flawless implementation. Vathana Bounkay: “We definitely wanted to get rid of the painstaking work entering a media plan used to entail.  QuoJob passed with flying colours, and everything is furthermore available on one platform, without having to cut and paste.”

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