Pubmarket is an omnichannel advertising agency that pushes the boundaries of cross medial communication. Their ‘beyond the box’ solutions lead to very effective and penetrating brand strategies for their loyal clients in B2C, B2B, retail and foodcommunication. Unilever Foodsolutions, Prik & Tik & Philips have been client for years.

Based on a 100% client driven approach, Pubmarket creates unique and powerful concepts to achieve daring goals. Successfully: during the latest edition of the B2B press & Communication Awards, Pubmarket took home 2 top awards: best communication matrix for Rio Tinto and best publication of the year for Unilever Foodsolutions.

For clients of this calibre, only perfect results are acceptable. And perfect results need a perfectly organised business. That's how QuoJob came into the picture. Centralization of all data? Check! Efficient planning? Check! View on ROI? Check! Time registration and automated invoicing? Check! Working with project templates offers the crucial speed and flexibility to start new projects with all necessary components from the start.

The awards are just a confirmation of Pubmarket's relentless focus on quality. Their site doesn't state in vain that they "aim for results". Quojob is happy to support this mission.